Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's the little Halloween things

Ok ok, Friday Four is just going to be iPhone Picture! I can't help it. It is so easy to just pull out my iPhone. But this week friday four is on Saturday! SOORRYY!
Fall is in the Air. I can't stop. I love fall and Halloween.
This Tazo Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte is wonderful. I can mix with my unsweetened vanilla almond milk and some ice, I am in Love. I found mine at Target, where the teas are!

My guest bathroom, got a little Halloween Makeover. They are LED eyeballs that change colors. MY nephews love love love them. These eyeballs are so fun.

I love how this all turned out on my coffee table! O Halloween! I love thee!

I am soo ready for Halloween! My good friend's birthday is Halloween so I never have to worry about what to do!
This was last year.. I was a CAT!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

I have been using Josie Maran Argan Oil for my night cream for the past few months. I have really been enjoying it. Like most Oils, it melts into your skin and leaves your skin feeling moisturized. I have combination skin so I never thought I could use an oil on my face. But a while back I started using another face oil and really enjoyed it. So when my Mom gave me the Josie Maran Oil to try, I jumped at the chance to try it out. 
My skin has been really like it. I only wear it at night but I want to start trying under my foundation. I don't know how it is going to be when my skin super dry in to winter. I do know it works good when my skin is on the oily side in the summer. 
SO Yes, if you have oily skin, you can try it out! 
I am really enjoying Josie Maran Products.
Have you tried any of her products yet? Which ones?

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Stain Balm in Crush

My second most worn lip color from the Drugstore is Revlon's Just bitten Kissable Stain Balm in Crush. Wow, that's a mouthful. Crush, again is a deep berry raspberry color. This one is a little on the sheer side yet it is very build-able. 

Like all of the Lip Stain Balms is has a minty taste and feeling on the lips, they leave a stain to your lips and they are moisturizing. 

 Also I like to apply this stain on top or under my lipstick to gave my lips that extra POP!

This Lip Stain  in Crush is a great way to try a bolder lip color without it being to bold at first. Again if the color scares you, you can blot the color out with your finger. This will stain your lips and you still get the great berry fall lip.

What are your favorite berry stains?
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick

This week I will share with you my 2 of my favorite drugstore deep berry colors of last year. Now, that it is Fall am I trading my pink lip for my dark lips. These are the lip colors I wore when I wanted a Deep Berry Plum Vampy Color (HAHA). I still love these and will wear them a lot, but I trying new dark colors bc I LOVE THEM NOW!
Today, you will learn about my most worn lipstick:
This one is my hands down favorite one that I have tried out. Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick. I am a little bias to this lipstick because it is the only deep berry shade that I own from the drugstore. I only got into wearing berries and reds last Fall. So I will be collecting more this Fall but for now I am pleased with Black Cherry from Revlon.

One of the reasons I love this lipstick is because it looks so vampy and kinda scary when you see the lipstick in the tube. But once it is applied to your lips, it is a deep berry color. I like to apply it full on but you can also apply it lightly to your lips and blot out the color with your finger so it is not so bold. 
I would make sure you scrub your lips and moisturize before hand to insure that it goes on smoothly. Also using a lip liner can help too ( I don't but need too). The lip liner insures that the lip color stays on longer. Now I always reapply my lip color through out the night, so I don't know if the staying power lasts all night. 
What are some of your favorite deep berry shades for the Drugstore, I would love tho try them out this Fall!
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Four

I feel like this week has been the calm before the storm because this weekend starts the beginning of being busy all the time. Birthdays, holiday, festivals and much more things to do. Sorry for the iPhone pictures, it is just so much easier some times. 

Oh My Cuteness, Even though I really dislike cats. Well I do love my boyfriends 3 cats (yes, 3 and all ladies). So that kinda makes me a cat lover but just his cats. I wont walk up to other cats and touch them. Anyways, I love these cute oxfords, so funky and playful! These are the Bc Footwear Know-It-All Oxford and you can get them HERE.

Park and Recreation and Netflix have been my favorite thing ever this month (and last month) I Can't Stop Watching. Yes, I have watched all the seasons more then once. I think this show is wonderful just wonderful. The cast is great and the story-lines are put together so well. Go check it out if you haven't watch it yet! DO IT!

My Phillip Lim for Target bag. Where to begin, I didn't rush out to get it that Sunday morning. I actually forgot until I saw pictures on Instagram. I was at my parents house for Sunday Supper ( Lunch on Sundays in the South) and it was about Noon. So I went to Target with my 2 sisters and every purse was still there but the taupe bag I wanted. We really went for my Middle sister to get a purse bc she is a teacher and these were nice purses on a budget. Sadly, She didn't know who Phillip Lim was at all. Long story short, I couldn't stop thinking about this bag so later that day I went to another Target saw this baby and got it! I am super happy with it! It is a great purse. I don't have anything like it in my collection. I would never have gone out and battle people for it but I am glad I have it! Kinda do wish I got one of the mini bags too! But O well, I guess I will have to get the one of the Kate Spade cross body bags, I have been eyeing. I would like to have a smaller bag some days!

Finally, my new local art piece, I got from the Cooper Young Festival. It is a piece from a local graffiti artist here in Memphis,TN, Nosey. I get a piece from him every year! I love them!
I love filling my house full of local art.
My weekend is full of Birthday parties, farm markets and being outside!
What are your plans this Weekend?
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kat Van D Ladybird True Romance Palette

Fall is here...Kinda I live in the South and it is still pretty hot here. So it doesn't feel like Fall all day long. Yet, I am itching to pull out my dark lip colors and fall eye palettes. So when I saw the Ladybird Palette on, I had to grab it. It is an all matte palette and a brown eye liner. 

I  have been impressed by Kat Von D. I am not a big fan of hers, I never watched her show or really knew that much about her. But she is kicking butt in the makeup world. I have her foundation and Love it. Every time I read a review about her makeup line, they are always glowing! I am so glad I gave her line a chance.

Sorry for the fingerprints, it is just so hard to wait! I had to try it out when I first got it! Look at those matte fall colors! WONDERFUL. It is such a nice palette. I really really like the burnt orange. I would never go for that color but I am trying to force myself to wear different colors on my eye! I tested some of the colors out on my eyes and the orange was one of my favs.

The colors are smooth, pigment and last on your eyes. I have not tried the eye liner yet, but I have heard great things about it. I have been digging mattes lately. I almost got the Stila In The Know Matte Palette but I am glad I went with this one for the Fall. 
This is a great palette to have in your collection. I love the eye shadows. I am already planning what other things I want from the Kat Von D makeup line.
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apricot Oil Review

I feel like I should change this blog to Sequins, Lotions and Oil. I feel like I have been more into finding a good natural body moisturizer more then anything lately. I like the idea of not putting a lot of chemical on my skin. Yet I am a makeup junkie so many of the products I use are not natural. I like to try to cut out as much as I can. 

So here is one of the more natural products that I have been using on my skin, Apricot Oil. I like a lot. I love using it on my legs right after I have shaved my legs. I feels so nice.

When people think oil, they may think heavy or greasy. But this Apricot Oil is light and melts right into the skin. Sadly, it does not smell like Apricots (HA). It has no smell at oil which is great for people with sensitive skin.

I am really liking using oils for my body,face, and hair. It has been fun exploring the different benefits of all the different oils!

What kind of oils do you use?

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