Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kat Van D Ladybird True Romance Palette

Fall is here...Kinda I live in the South and it is still pretty hot here. So it doesn't feel like Fall all day long. Yet, I am itching to pull out my dark lip colors and fall eye palettes. So when I saw the Ladybird Palette on, I had to grab it. It is an all matte palette and a brown eye liner. 

I  have been impressed by Kat Von D. I am not a big fan of hers, I never watched her show or really knew that much about her. But she is kicking butt in the makeup world. I have her foundation and Love it. Every time I read a review about her makeup line, they are always glowing! I am so glad I gave her line a chance.

Sorry for the fingerprints, it is just so hard to wait! I had to try it out when I first got it! Look at those matte fall colors! WONDERFUL. It is such a nice palette. I really really like the burnt orange. I would never go for that color but I am trying to force myself to wear different colors on my eye! I tested some of the colors out on my eyes and the orange was one of my favs.

The colors are smooth, pigment and last on your eyes. I have not tried the eye liner yet, but I have heard great things about it. I have been digging mattes lately. I almost got the Stila In The Know Matte Palette but I am glad I went with this one for the Fall. 
This is a great palette to have in your collection. I love the eye shadows. I am already planning what other things I want from the Kat Von D makeup line.
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  1. This palette looks so great for Fall/Winter! Great post!



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