Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Four

I feel like this week has been the calm before the storm because this weekend starts the beginning of being busy all the time. Birthdays, holiday, festivals and much more things to do. Sorry for the iPhone pictures, it is just so much easier some times. 

Oh My Cuteness, Even though I really dislike cats. Well I do love my boyfriends 3 cats (yes, 3 and all ladies). So that kinda makes me a cat lover but just his cats. I wont walk up to other cats and touch them. Anyways, I love these cute oxfords, so funky and playful! These are the Bc Footwear Know-It-All Oxford and you can get them HERE.

Park and Recreation and Netflix have been my favorite thing ever this month (and last month) I Can't Stop Watching. Yes, I have watched all the seasons more then once. I think this show is wonderful just wonderful. The cast is great and the story-lines are put together so well. Go check it out if you haven't watch it yet! DO IT!

My Phillip Lim for Target bag. Where to begin, I didn't rush out to get it that Sunday morning. I actually forgot until I saw pictures on Instagram. I was at my parents house for Sunday Supper ( Lunch on Sundays in the South) and it was about Noon. So I went to Target with my 2 sisters and every purse was still there but the taupe bag I wanted. We really went for my Middle sister to get a purse bc she is a teacher and these were nice purses on a budget. Sadly, She didn't know who Phillip Lim was at all. Long story short, I couldn't stop thinking about this bag so later that day I went to another Target saw this baby and got it! I am super happy with it! It is a great purse. I don't have anything like it in my collection. I would never have gone out and battle people for it but I am glad I have it! Kinda do wish I got one of the mini bags too! But O well, I guess I will have to get the one of the Kate Spade cross body bags, I have been eyeing. I would like to have a smaller bag some days!

Finally, my new local art piece, I got from the Cooper Young Festival. It is a piece from a local graffiti artist here in Memphis,TN, Nosey. I get a piece from him every year! I love them!
I love filling my house full of local art.
My weekend is full of Birthday parties, farm markets and being outside!
What are your plans this Weekend?
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  1. Ahh so jealous, I want that Target x Phillip Lim bag that you got! Classic!



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