Monday, September 30, 2013

Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick

This week I will share with you my 2 of my favorite drugstore deep berry colors of last year. Now, that it is Fall am I trading my pink lip for my dark lips. These are the lip colors I wore when I wanted a Deep Berry Plum Vampy Color (HAHA). I still love these and will wear them a lot, but I trying new dark colors bc I LOVE THEM NOW!
Today, you will learn about my most worn lipstick:
This one is my hands down favorite one that I have tried out. Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick. I am a little bias to this lipstick because it is the only deep berry shade that I own from the drugstore. I only got into wearing berries and reds last Fall. So I will be collecting more this Fall but for now I am pleased with Black Cherry from Revlon.

One of the reasons I love this lipstick is because it looks so vampy and kinda scary when you see the lipstick in the tube. But once it is applied to your lips, it is a deep berry color. I like to apply it full on but you can also apply it lightly to your lips and blot out the color with your finger so it is not so bold. 
I would make sure you scrub your lips and moisturize before hand to insure that it goes on smoothly. Also using a lip liner can help too ( I don't but need too). The lip liner insures that the lip color stays on longer. Now I always reapply my lip color through out the night, so I don't know if the staying power lasts all night. 
What are some of your favorite deep berry shades for the Drugstore, I would love tho try them out this Fall!
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  1. This looks perfect for Autumn!


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