Friday, February 22, 2013

Benefit's Coral My World !

I love that Benefit does small little sample size products. I like not having to spend over 30 dollars just to see if I like a product. I think that it is a good market choice for them because I will more than likely not return something that is just ok if I didn't spend a lot money on it. I spent 12 dollars on two smaller products instead of 60 dollars on two larger products. 

I had been wanting to try these two products for a while now. I was glad to see that I could try a sample size and not waste a lot of money.You get Coralista and Sun Beam. I have never
tried a Benefit blush so I was excited to tried Coralista. I was more excited to try it then Sun Beam. I have got products like this before from Benefit so I knew I would get a lot of uses out of them.

Coralista is a coral blush. It is very natural and wearable. I did like it but it did not WOW me. I thought  I would run out and get the full size but I don't think I will now. I think I will try other blushes from Benefit.

Sun Beam is a liquid golden highlighter. It gives you that glowing and radiant looking skin. I think this will be my go to highlighter in the Summer. I love it! My favorite out of all of Benefit's liquid highlighters. High Beam is very close second. I will make sure I get a full size when I run out.

I think Benefit is doing a great job be selling these type of products. You get to test and use a product
and see if it is worth buying! I am happy that I got it becuase not I know that I want Sun Beam not Coralista.

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  1. I've been wanting to try a Benefit blush for a while now, but haven't been wanting to spend that much money. These trial sizes are such a good idea. I have a trial size of High Beam and I find it goes a long way. I feel like this blush might work well with my skin tone. Thanks for the mini review :)

  2. I never knew you could get these!!! :o I need to shop...NOW! Hehe
    I'd love you to check out my blog x

  3. That coral blush is GORGEOUS.
    xo Josie

  4. I really love these little sets from Benefit. It's so nice to try a smaller size before committing to the larger one!

  5. so pretty!

    x Vittoria, from nyc

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  6. Nice set! Follow me that i'll following you! Kisses from Rome Federica


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