Monday, June 11, 2012

Skin Care Monday..Coconut Water

 I have been drinking Coconut Water for a while now and LOVE IT! Some people do not like the taste..but I sure do. I always try to have a couple Coconut Waters in my fridge. They are great after work outs, a pick me up or the morning after you had a little to much wine. I like to try to drink one every day. Coconut Waters are great for re hydrating your skin. I can tell a major difference in my skin when I drink Coconut Water.

Coconut Water:

  • natures energy drink to replenish your electrolytes after working out
  • supercharges your metabolism
  • contains 294 mg of potassium, that's more than bananas and sports drinks provide!
  • contains 5 mg of natural occurring sugars unlike energy drinks that contain an average of 10-25 mg of sugars or other sweeteners
  • promotes weight loss
  • contains high levels of calcium, chloride and magnesium
  • naturally sweet, nutty and refreshing flavor
  • helps break up kidney stone

Try them out...There are so many flavors and brands.

Coconut Water is great for your body and skin!

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