Monday, June 11, 2012

L'oreal Colour Rich Lipsticks

 I picked up a few of the L'oreal Lipsticks at Target. They are smooth, pigmented and have a good color pay off. They are on the sheer side but they can be built up. They have a glossy finish. I like the sleek gold packaging. I really enjoy them. Here are the few colors I picked up:

(Left to Right:176-Sunset Angora, 177-Fiery Veil, 181-Sheer Linen, 170-Cotton Pink)

Cotton Pink is a bubble gum pink. It is a bit sheer but can be built be. It is a cool tone pink. 

Fiery Veil is a coral red. It is perfect for the summer. I really like it. You can like a stain or a bright lipstick.

 Sheer Linen is a sheer brown pink. I like I will think this one better in the fall.

Sunset Angora is a great pink. It leans towards a hot pink. It is not a crazy pink, very wearable. Great for a pop of color in the Summer! 

 (Left to Right- Cotton Pink and Fiery Veil)

(Left to Right- Sheer Linen and Sunset Angora)

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