Sunday, May 6, 2012

Can't Stop, Won't Stop Smelling This...

LOTION!! O My, J.R. Watkins Lotion,in Lemon Cream is to die for, it is yummy in a bottle. I first fell in love with the hand cream and then I got the lotion. He has many other different smells but this one smells like fresh sugar lemon cookies. I fell in love! Now I don't like strong smelling lotions and the only reason I got the body lotion, is that Target does not carry the hand lotion, which is a wonderful hand cream. One of my favorites. So I picked up the body lotion and use it on my hands when I want something not as rich as a hand cream  but richer than my other lotion. I know I can order the hand cream online and I have seen other stores carry it but I have other hand creams I need to go though first!
J.R. Watkins Lotion is all natural, that makes it even better! It is a good lotion. It is on the thicker side but is non oily and non greasy. I do like it but it is not my holy grail lotion. He has other smells such as; Aloe and Green Tea, Vanilla, Coconut and Honey, Grapefruit, and Mango. I have tried/ smelled most of them and they are also beautiful scents. He has tons and tons of great product which many are sold at Target.

I have tried MANY of his other products and love them just as much. I am going to do a review on his foot cream, body oil, other lotion smells and much MORE.

Check out J.R. Watkins Great products: HERE

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P.S- I can't stop smelling this lotion! AHHHHHH!

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