Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender is a great little tool. This is a weird looking beauty sponge but it works wonders. You get it wet and it expands. You can apply your foundation with this little hot pink tool. Also, you can apply power, concealer, blush, highlighter and really any face makeup product. I love it. There are cheaper dupes, like Sonia Kashuk for Target, Ulta has one and I think there is even one at Walgreens. But none have the same texture and really works like the beauty blender. It is get to have in your makeup bag. I have three; one stays in my makeup bag, one is for when I am at home and the other one is a new fresh one. I really like to apply cream highlighter, like High Beam for Benefit, with this little tool. This product is is must-have. I would recommend this tool to anyone. If you are just starting out with make up, have a lot of make up tools or are just low key with makeup. It is just that great.

You can get it HERE and Sephora.

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  1. Oooh! I want this!
    Are they washable?

  2. YES, you can wash them. They have a cleaner that you can buy but I use the brush cleaner that I already have!!


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