Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting Sucked into the HYPE

MakeUp is great. We all know this but there is always so many different brands. I like to try both drug store and high end products. The good thing with high end products is that you can try them at the store before you buy them. Drugstore makeup is cheap but the downside is that you can not try the makeup out first. That is why it sucks for pay drugstore makeup. I am going to share some fails for me from drugstore makeup products.

 It was an oily mess. It does not cover anything. Just awful. I can't not tell you how long they wear on the face because I didn't leave the house with it on.
2nd: Dream Nude Air Foam By Maybelline.

It was just like the Revlon one. It was oily, mess and a waste of money.
( In my next post and I going to share some of my favorite Drug Foundatons!)

3rd: The Maybelline Spring Blush Line. 
I found them at Walgreens. There was a Pink, Coral and A Golden Highlighter one. I thought they looked pretty so I was sold. When I got back home, I swatched them and there was NO COLOR AT ALL. What a waste!

These little blushes feel bouncy when you touch them but they don't have much color pay off. If you like to work for you color then these are for you. The brighter colors are ok but I think there are much better blushes out there and these little blushes just look cool and new. They are not worth the price and I would save your money. 

There you have it.. a few bad products. I am going to try to do small post like this for both good and bad drugstore products so I can help y'all out.  I hope this is helpful and saves you money and a trip to the drugstore.  

Let Me know what are some are your drugstore let downs!!

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