Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Four

Hey Y'all, I love this time of year.. It is nice and warm in the day but cool at night. I love wearing long shirts with shorts and grilling out with friends. I hope y'all have a GREAT weekend!

 My new clear tray for my lovely perfumes!  I will show you how I made it and how easy and cheap it was to do next week.
 Two things I am loving in ONE picture. I have always loved green smoothies but I made this one with sun-butter ( which is like peanut butter but made with sunflower seeds.) It was so good! Green Smoothie- almond milk, 2 1/2 banana, handful strawberries and spinach, sample packet of raw pecan butter and a sample packet of coconut oil. I just use what I have, I never really have a real recipe. But this one was super duper yummy!
And I have been loving my double wall plastic mason jar cup that a sweet friend gave me for my B-day.

Finally starting to get my room the way I like it.. including my art!

A cute picture of phone bows that I gave to my friends. I just found my one of my bows and I am in love again!!

Stay Sweet Y'all,


  1. Wait, did you say your MADE that tray for your perfumes?! Impressive. Can't wait for that post!

    Making It Sparkle

  2. I did!! I can't WAIT to show you how I did!!


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