Tuesday, April 30, 2013


NXY IS AT TARGET....WHAT!! I was super excited to see the NXY section at Target. SO I had to get something. I decide to get a blusher that I had been wanting for awhile now. I also got a cheap elf eye shadow smudge brush. The review for the elf brush is, it is cheap but works.

Back to the Blusher, I got Terra Cotta. It is a bronze peach color. I love it. It is great for adding a glow to your face. You do have to be careful because to much can look orange and muddy. I think it a great color to have in your collection. NYX blusher run for about 4.99. It is a great deal for a soft and pigmented blusher. Sadly my has now broken, I drop it twice but there is still some blush color so i am using it up. I will buy another one soon. I love NXY blushers, I have a few and all have great color pay off!

I am glad that a small section of NXY products will now be at TARGET!

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  1. A Target just opened in my city and I was so excited to find NYX there. I love their slide on eyeliner (which I haven't been able to find anywhere else). I defs want more colors!

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  2. This blush looks pretty! Thanks for sharing!!




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